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Serving homeowners in Wellesley, Weston, Wayland, Dover, Sherborn, Newton, Needham, Massachusetts
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Welcome to Sweeney Custom Homes & Renovations

Leveraging more than 25 years of experience, Sweeney Custom Homes & Renovations builds homes for the discerning residents of Wellesley, Weston, Wayland, Newton, Needham, Dover, Sherborn and the surrounding communities. With an eye to exceptional quality, attention to detail and enduring value, Sweeney Custom Homes is dedicated to its customers' satisfaction on every project. 

In addition to building beautiful homes, Sweeney Custom Homes and Renovations remodels existing homes, breathing new life into older homes with additions, a new kitchen or bath, or, recreating an entire home.

Owned by Bryan Sweeney, the Massachusetts home builder and remodeler has completed countless new home builds and renovations.  Bryan Sweeney is as particular about the materials he uses in his projects as the subcontractors he employs at his job sites. As an owner of the company, Bryan can be depended upon to listen, and then to give each job his personal input and careful supervision. If you are considering a home renovation, an addition, or a new home, take a peek at our portfolio, and then give us a call.

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Sweeney Custom Homes

While each home is different, so is the process for building each custom home.  Sweeney enjoys the process and especially understands that each homeowner has different needs.  Those needs must be carefully considered when reviewing the architectural drawings.

Custom Homes are perhaps one of our favorite projects.  From unrolling the first set of plans, to watching the tractors dig the foundation trenches, to reviewing tile, flooring and everything in-between, every aspect of custom home building is as engaging as it is unique.

Young families need room to grow, places to spend time together and child-safe accoutrements in order to best support daily living. Some families seek romantic and intimate spaces, while others want open, lively and exciting spaces.   One family might need room for three cars, while another might need a barn for three horses.  Some families need noise-proof home offices, additional electrical outlets and wireless piping to support a home-based business or a working-at-home-today Dad.  And some families desire the teenager draw, and seek to create a recreation space complete with ample room for working out, going for a swim, watching a movie, and more.

Sweeney Custom Homes & Renovations spends hours with our clients in order to best understand their unique needs when it comes to building their custom home.  Sweeney carefully oversees all parts of the custom home build process -- from reviewing the initial architectural specs, to pouring the foundation, framing, plumbing, adding in the electrical, landscaping and so much more.

Sweeney Custom Homes & Renovations has been building custom homes in Wellesley, Dover, Sherborn, Wayland, Weston and more.  From the first meeting to the final coat of paint, every detail is considered and every design aspect is articulated.

Sweeney Custom Homes & Renovations currently works with several awarding winning timeless architects in the area, including Patrick Ahearn (, and more.  Please take a moment to peek at our Sweeney Custom Homes picture portfolio and consider Sweeney Custom Homes & Renovations for your custom home build.  


Renovations / Remodeling / Additions

Embarking upon an addition or renovation means making a home more livable for your family while increasing its market value.   As lifestyles have changed, living spaces have also morphed, and creating open and flowing floor plans make it easier for families to share time together. Rather than retreating to separate rooms on separate floors, families are spending more time together: working on homework at the kitchen island; playing with legos in the family room; and celebrating those special moments while gathered around a roaring fireplace.  

As each family has its own unique needs, so must each addition and renovation. Because families come in all shapes and sizes, renovations and additions need to carefully sync up with the needs and lifestyles of each individual family. 

Sometimes adding more space for a large master suite or expanding the kitchen and adding a great room is the solution to the space crunch.  Other times a third floor or a fully finished basement can make all the difference. Perhaps a change in workplace has created the need for a new home office, a three-car garage, or ample space for a hard day's retreat - an indoor pool and a workout room.

Sweeney Custom Homes & Renovations has been renovating, remodeling and completing additions on homes in the much sought-after neighborhoods in Wellesley, Dover, Sherborn, Wayland, Weston and more.  From the first meeting to the final coat of paint, every detail is considered and every design aspect is articulated.

Sweeney Custom Homes & Renovations has been fortunate enough to work with countless clients, and together, we have transformed houses into unique homes that can be fully enjoyed for the years to come.  Whether you are considering remodeling your home, or are in need of an addition, please consider contacting Sweeney Custom Homes & Renovations. We look forward to hearing from you!


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We are always delighted to hear from our clients once the dust has settled and their project with Sweeney Custom Homes & Renovations has been completed.  If you have a comment about working with us, please let us know!

Bryan, you can imagine our delight to receive your bill that was less than what you originally quoted. Thanks for having so much integrity! - MM, Holliston, MA

We love our new kitchen and addition! It seems like a whole new house. Wished we'd done it sooner! Thanks so much! - GW, Weston, MA

You and your team were a pleasure to work with.....all the extra "tweeks" you did really made such a difference in the end. Thanks for all the advice - we love the results! - J&J, Dover, MA